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Best Knee Sleeves for your next WOD

March 24, 2016

Knee sleeves are one of the most popular gears used by athletes for their extreme training and workouts. Let’s try to learn more about knee sleeves and check what professional athletes say about them. Knee sleeves are specifically designed to give compression to an athlete’s knee joint. Good compression allows better blood flow in the knee area while doing an extreme workout; having a better blood flow results to faster recovery.

Knee sleeves also keep the knee joints warm and safe. Keeping the knees warm during an extensive and extreme exercise may prevent tendinitis and joint problems. The main material used in creating knee sleeves is neoprene. Although, there are brands that combine neoprene with other fabric.


Katie Chasey, an Olympic lifting coach who also trains and programs for CrossFit Regionals and Games athletes, said on one of her articles that knee sleeves are also designed to protect a previous injury from further endangerment. In addition to that, Clark Hibbs from CrossFit Revoke Gym recommended that if your knees ache all the time, you may want to consider using knee sleeves. He also added that he uses knee sleeves on WODs that involves loads that are greater than his body. He also wears them on wall balls, clean and jerk, and back squats.

There are different varieties and brand of knee sleeves available. With the plethora of knee sleeves in the market, it may be hard for you to decide which one to get? Here are our top picks for the best knee sleeves for your next WOD.


Rehband Knee Sleeve is the best and most used knee sleeve brand despite its price. It is used by CrossFit athletes like Clark Hibbs, Powerlifters like Max Chewning, and athletes from different sports. This knee sleeve is made from 100% neoprene. According to different athletes review, it can relieve pressure, improve coordination, and give the best knee support and warmth. Rehband sleeves have been there for a while and it has been tried and tested for durability and comfort. Check out video reviews below from athletes who are engaged in different sports.

Review from Powerlifter Max Chewning

Review from Crossfit Atletes Adam and Sil of Snatches Scotch


Rocktape Knee sleeves are another great option to wear. They are made from 90% neoprene and 10 % nylon which make them less stiff and more flexible. They are following a different stitching pattern compared to Rehband knee sleeves. Some athletes opt for the Rocktape knee sleeves because they have a cooler design and a more affordable price. Since these knee sleeves were released by Caveman Evolution, it has definitely been a favorite. The most notable characteristic of this knee sleeve is its snug fit. The inside fabric of Rocktape sticks to the skin which means that it does not slide down while working out. Check out reviews of this knee sleeve on the videos below.

Review from Rocktape UK

If you want to check more comparisons and reviews for Rehband and Rocktape, check out the video below by Justis Cousins or read a review by Joel Te , owner of CrossFit 805.


GetWorkt knee sleeves are another great option for your WODS. GetWorkt Knee Sleeves are backed up by known athletes like Chris Spealler. If you like shorter knee sleeves, these are perfect for you. In a review by Joel Te from Crossfit 805, when he tested these knee sleeves, he noticed that they are also prone to sliding down like the Rehband knee sleeves but they are definitely scratch proof.

Credit: Joel x fit


Exosleeve is a relatively new but good brand of knee sleeves that comes in different designs and colors. You can even pair it with your colorful weightlifting shoes. They are less expensive than the first three brands. They cost almost half the price of Rehbands. Even though they are extremely affordable, you will still get the same functions and quality. A remarkable quality of this knee sleeve is its anti-microbial fabric. Yes! You read it right. You can finally say goodbye to daily washing and stinky odor after doing your favorite WODs. There are not a lot of reviews you will see online about Exosleeve but they are definitely worth the try.

You have probably seen these knee sleeves worn by your favorite professional athlete or by random dudes at the gym. Whatever made you so curious about knee sleeves, always remember that you should never get one just because you saw someone better than you using them.

There are different opinions on what benefits can you really get from knee sleeves. Some athletes find them extremely helpful while some abstain from use them. Indeed, there are varying opinions on the functionality of knee sleeves but there is only one way for you to find out the truth. Try the some of the best knee sleeves in the market and see it for yourself. Every person is different. One thing may work for you and may not work for another. It is only a matter of testing waters.

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