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January 07, 2016

Great article over at BoxLife Magazine talking about the most common programming errors.  Check out the whole article here

Highlights of the 6 errors:

1. Not addressing your individual needs
Focus on your weaknesses and program to work on those areas

2. Not dedicating enough time to Olympic Weightlifting
Snatches, cleans, and jerks are a big part of CrossFit's training protocol.  Make sure to put together programming that incorporates olympic lifting.

3. Not balancing your athletic needs with your personal needs

4. Not utilizing wave loading
From article "Your training should follow a sustainable wave, where intensity, volume and load are varied from day to day, week to week and month to month. For example, within the week, Monday can consist of heavy loads and light volume. Tuesday can have moderate loads and high volume. Wednesday can have light loads and moderate volume. Thursday can serve as your rest day, enabling you to go heavy with moderate volume on Friday. This is just one example, but the intent of wave programming is to break up the volume and intensity of your training sessions throughout the weeks and months that you train to allow an athlete maximize their focus, motivation and physical potential. Having back-to-back days of heavy weightlifting at high volume is going to fry your central nervous system, just as multiple days of light loads and low volume isn’t going to do much for your development"

5. Overusing 1-rep max testing
Keep 1 rep max testing to minimum.  No need to test 1 rep maxes every week.

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