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Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

by ryan pitts January 26, 2016

Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes


Looking for your next pair of Oly shoes for your next WOD or PR session?  Check out our favorite Oly shoes and a little information about the benefits of oly shoes.

Olympic weightlifting shoes have become more popular and in demand when the number of functional fitness athletes and enthusiasts increased.

Benefits of Using Weightlifting Shoes

  • The perfect weightlifting shoes can help an athlete accelerate lifting performance
  • Its solid flat sole design and less cushioned surface increase body stability which is important on typical routines like snatch, clean and jerk.
  • It is best for our back because it allow us to make more upright squats thus, lessens torque in the lower back.
  • It lets us achieve better posture since the shoes make correct positioning easier.

Why Weightlifting Shoes are A Must for All Lifters?

For a better understanding and a closer look to the structure of weightlifting shoes, Shane Yost, from Iron Edge has briefly described the design and function of the shoes in this video: raised heel, flat stable profile, and solid cup.

Issues When Weightlifting with Regular Shoes

Decreases Capacity

Regular shoes often feature a padded sole. These pads inevitably cause our bodies to sink during a weightlifting session. When an athlete’s body is lowered, it reduces the ability to exert more force and effort. Regular shoes are not ideal because they tend to absorb more tension when lifting.


Since regular shoes are cushioned, it results to body instability. This cushioned design also increases the chance of getting those painful ankle rolls.


Instability can eventually lead to injury.  If you already got ankle rolls and you still continued weightlifting with regular shoes, one wrong turn or move might result to a serious and severe life threatening injury.

Weightlifting Shoes Top Picks

Nike Romaleos 2

This is a high-quality weightlifting shoe. The world’s most popular shoe brand Nike has designed it to achieve maximum performance while featuring durability and breathability. Its Velcro forefoot straps are strategically designed to ensure it comfortably snugs to your feet. It also features an Olympic-style heel.  In fact it was crafted for the 2008 Oympic games held in Beijing.

Adidas AdiPower


Adidas has always been known for their AdiStar weightlifting shoes. Adidas have created the standards for the best weightlifting shoes. They have been creating these shoes even before weightlifting was popular. Although the shoes are expensive, you would still see it worn by many athletes. The Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes is will surely stand the test of time. Not only did it achieve maximum durability but also maximum stability. It is perfect for your usual forefoot flex.

Reebok CrossFit Lifters 2

Reebok, now owned by Adidas, has been a favorite for CrossFit athletes. This pair of shoe is not only designed for Olympic weightlifting movements but also for your favorite WODs! It is a hybrid that features flexible forefoot soles, elevated heels, and bottom-up base. These genius designs will allow an athlete to do plyometric exercises like box jumps and double-under. One thing notable about Reebok shoes is its light weight characteristics.

Inov8 Fast Lift 335

Inov-8 has been a big name for functional fitness athletes. This shoe highly flexible and comfortable. What is most remarkable about this pair of kicks is its durability despite its very lightweight feel. This is suitable for both men and women lifters.

Whether you are a serious heavy weightlifter, a CrossFit enthusiast, or an active athlete, these weightlifting shoes will surely give you a great workout experience. Start becoming a better lifter, elevate your training potential and be stronger than ordinary!


ryan pitts
ryan pitts

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