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September 19, 2016

One of the hardest movements to master is the double under.  Double unders require coordination and practice.  We gathered the best information to give you a comprehensive guide to becoming a double under pro.

So what's a double under?

A double under is when an athlete jumps higher than normal to get the jump rope under his or her feet twice.   


Another key to mastering the double under is to have a quality speed rope.  Having the right tool for this movement is key. 

Most speed ropes feature an adjustable rope, ball bearings and lightweight handles.  Each is designed to provide optimal revolutions.


Sizing your speed rope is a piece of cake.  

  • Stand upfront and place the speed rope under one foot
  • Pull the jump rope handles up to your arm pit
  • The speed rope handles should be positioned level with your arm pit
  • Cut or adjust your rope for he proper fitment

Sjrdan Popovic from Bloom to Fit shows the proper way to size your speed rope below


Instruction Tips

We compiled several of the best "how to" videos on mastering double unders.  Each video features tips and suggestions to crushing your next set of double unders.


Ben from WODPrep offers one of the best "how to" videos regarding double unders.  He addresses two common mistakes by athletes while performing the double under movement.

Dr. Ryan Debell outlines three steps to help you progress from a single under to the notrious triple under.
Zack from MoveSkill provides some great tips on hand position and technique.  Great advice for beginners and experienced athletes.

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