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June 23, 2016

Looking to kill a little time on YouTube ?  Check out our favorite YouTube channels specializing in powerlifting, olympic lifting and CrossFit© related content.  

CrossFit HQ

This is the official YouTube channel of CrossFit© HQ.  Packed with educational videos, how to's and much more.  We especially like the "Behind the Scenes" videos that highlight some of the highest profile athletes in the sport.

Barbell Shrugged

Barbell Shrugged YouTube channel features interviews with athletes such as Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, Bas Rutten, Jackie Perez.  Very entertaining and great insight into the lives of world class athletes.  One of our favorite episodes is the Mark Bell episode above.


WODPrep offers great advice & tips on perfecting your technique.  Tons of videos to help you with a variety of movements and lifts.  This is a must view channel for functional fitness athletes.  Our favorite video outlines Rich Fronings secret workout secret.


If your an olympic lifting athlete/student then you need to check out the HookGrip channel.  Featuring video of the world's greatest lifters and technique analysis to help you reach your next PR.  

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