Rehband Black Knee Sleeves

Rehband black knee sleeves

best seller

Rehband is the gold standard when it comes to quality and support.  Rehband knee sleeves are one of our best selling knee sleeves.  No wonder Rehband is the official knee sleeve of the CrossFit© Games and endorsed by athletes like Josh Bridges, Rich Froning and CLB.

5mm or 7mm

The Rehband black knee sleeves come in two different thickness sizes; 5mm and 7mm.  5mm allows for great movement and flexibility while working out.  5mm sleeves are great if you're planning on wearing the sleeves while doing a metcon style WOD or any workout that calls for multiple lifting transitions.  7mm sleeves, on the other hand are great if you're power lifting or plan on lifting heavy with low sets.

built to last

Rehbands are constructed with the highest quality materials and are built to take a beating.  Many people have owned there Rehbands for 2-3+ years.


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